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We’re Silver Lining Animation, a 2D animation studio in the North East of England. We create bespoke animated videos  for promotional and educational purposes, with a focus on character and storytelling. By offering a complete range of creative services, we can take your idea from concept to completion! Read on to learn more!

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Boost your brand and engage your audience withe an animted advert or explainer video!


72% of consumers would rather learn about a product or service from a video. Using Animation ensures that your video will stand out from the rest. Eye-catching visuals fit your branding and deliver your message in a concise and entertaining way.
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Enage your audience with the content and improve the retention of information!


Using visual aids can improve learning by 400%, so Animation makes for a very powerful teaching tool! Whether it’s through characters or motion graphics, complex ideas and concepts can be explained simply and make a lasting impression that will be remembered!
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Give you social media a bit of extra flair with bespoke gifs and banners!


GIFS have overtaken static images as the most shared format on social media? GIFS have shown to be one of the most effective ways to engage with your audience. We can help bring your branding to life with animated logos, banners and custom GIFS.
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The Benefits of Animation

Whether it’s for online training, a sales tool or promotion purposes, we’ve worked with businesses and organisations across the UK, and internationally to produce effective and engaging content that gives real, measurable results. To find out more about how animation can help you,  Get in Touch!

Rocket Launch Animation

Boost Visibility

By featuring a video on their homepage, websites  are 53 times more likely to get top spot on search result, and users will spend up to 2 minutes longer on the site! 50% of people say they’re more likely to buy after seeing a high-quality video!

Animated light bulb

Engage Audiences

Correctly utilising visual information creates a retention rate 6 times higher than written or verbal! Whatever the video objective, animation can combine the use of abstract visuals and relatable characters to keep audiences engaged with the content, and make sure it sticks in memory.

Megaphone Animation

Grow Influence

Social media platforms are known to favour videos and graphic over text-based posts. Creating quality and shareable content is not always easy, though. Animation helps to retain the attention of users, and stand the test of time while still being easily updated and re-used.

Animation Services: From Concept to Completion

Storyboard animation

Story Boarding

Our story-boarding artists are experts at getting ideas onto paper! Whether it’s for an animation or live action video, planning out each shot is invaluable.

typewriter animation

Script Writing

Professional script-writers  expertly convey your message in an accurate and engaging way. Written with animated visuals in mind and tailored specifically to each project.

Design animation

Art + Design

The talented design team creates unique,  eye-catching artwork bespoke for each project. From character designs to icons, infographics and everything in-between!

Ball bouncing animation


Our traditionally trained animators  are pros at making emotive character animation and snappy motion graphics. Watch the designs and story from the previous steps come to life!

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