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5 Ways to Optimise your Workspace

6 ways to optimise your workspace

Whether you’re working from home still or are back in the office, spending so much time in front of a computer can get a bit much! That’s why we’ve made a quick list of things we do to help make our workspaces more comfortable to be in!

Mo’ Monitors Mo’ Problems

We’re big advocates for multiple monitors. It’s practically a necessity for animation work. However, whether your setup resembles something from the matrix or has a more relaxed coffee shop vibe, getting them set up correctly can improve your workspace! 

To avoid hunching over or straining your neck, ideally the centre of your computer screen should be at eye level when sitting up straight. If working on a laptop, you can pick up a simple riser or stand for around £15. If you have an external monitor, simply pop it on a pile of books to get it to the right height!

Join the Lightside

Spending all day at a computer will not do anyone’s eyes any favours! Reducing eye strain can be as simple as changing your lighting setup!

Natural light is obviously best, but we’re yet to find the daylight in the gloomy English winter, so artificial lighting is needed! If it is one of those rare sunny days, try to avoid facing the window directly, or you’ll be straining your eyes to see. On dark days, having a soft, warm light either on your desk or off to the side can make any workspace feel more comfortable!

It’s often tempting to keep your monitor brightness at full, but to avoid eyestrain its best to calibrate this with your environment and keep it at a comfortable setting.  Most computers also have a “comfort light” setting, which will remove some of the blue light from your screen in favour of a warmer reddish tone.

A breath of fresh air

Fresh air is always good for concentration and keeping your spirits high but in the midst of winter you may not want to keep your windows open! Getting some leafy green plants can not only help keep the air clean but also add some visual flair to your workspace. If you really care about air quality, getting a small air purifier can do wonders too!

Keeping a comfortable temperature is important for comfort and concentration too. Desk fans and space heaters can give you your own little micro-climate!

Make it yours

What good is a workspace if you don’t want to work in it? Make your work area somewhere you want to be; adding plants, nice artwork, and appropriate colours can make your workspace something to be proud of! Even changing up your desktop wallpaper can be a nice visual change!

For those with more minimalist tastes, decluttering can be as good as decorating! Simple desk organisers can help keep things in their proper place, reduce visual clutter, and free up space by replacing physical tools with digital counterparts! 

Hear, hear!

Whether you’re working in a busy home environment or an office, there can be a lot of unwanted distractions! Slap on a pair of headphones with noise-cancelling features and you can be in a world of your own while you focus on work!

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