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8 Uses for Animation

8 Uses for Animation

We make animated videos. You probably already know that, but do you know just how many things animation can be used for?  Animation isn’t just for promotional explainer videos (although it is great for that), so let’s take a look at examples of different ways animation can be used!


Let’s ease in with a slightly more well-known use. Animation is a powerful tool for teaching, as it allows for complicated concepts to be conveyed in a clear and concise manner by utilising abstract visuals.

It also has the potential to be very engaging, no matter how dry the subject may seem. We use bright and eye-catching art styles in combination with character animation to make content as engaging as it is informative!

What better example of these techniques in action than our own Silver Learning Animation series!


Social Media Posts

animated clock dancing with text saying Party Time

We all know that if there’s an important message to be shared, it needs some eye-catching visuals to go alongside it, and this is another area where animation excels! You don’t always need a full-length explainer video, just some quick and punchy visuals to catch the eye and re-iterate your message!

Caricatures and Staff profiles

Want to make you staff profiles stand out from the rest, even create a mascot for your social media content? Our animation team consists of talented character artists who can create illustrated or even animated versions of your team!

Promotional videos

This is probably one of the best-known uses! An animated video can be the perfect way to shout about what you do, whether it’s in the form of an explainer video or telling a customer journey. Animated videos are eye-catching and engaging. They can be matched to existing branding and easily updated if things change down the line.

Sticker Packs

We’re all familiar with animated emojis and stickers to send in messaging apps, but have you ever thought of how much influence a branded stick set could have?

Web Banners

Looking for a way to make your website or social media page stand out from the rest? An animated banner can be created to incorporate your branding and is easily updated to match the season or special events!

Video Games

We’re no strangers to video games, and we even help game studios with 2D sprite animations!

Animated Backgrounds

Video calls have become a part of everyday life, so why not add a bit of flair with an animated background?

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image of a setup for animation
image of a setup for animation
image of a setup for animation