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We recently teamed up with the team at StratoBooster to create a short animated video explaining how their 3-stage rocket works, for use at the University Alliance Enterprise Awards.

We’re used to working with clients who have a complex idea that needs to be explained, but this one was quite literally rocket science! We sat down with Andrew, the brains behind the project, where he explained to us how the rocket works in its various stages and the key information that the animation should give.

With the University Alliance competition looming only 10 days away, we worked closely with the StratoBooster team to ensure that all the necessary information was included and, more importantly, accurate. We developed a style that looked polished and professional, while still allowing us to create and animate all of the assets within the time frame.



With the animated explainer video ready, presentation day arrived, and the StratoBooster team knocked it out of the park (or the atmosphere?) and were awarded the Enterprise Stars award.

If you have an idea or concept that needs explaining, even if it’s a bit more down to earth, get in touch for a free consultation!

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