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How Much Does an Animated Video Cost?

If you’re looking for an animated explainer video, one of your first questions was likely “How much do they cost?” – That’s a great question, although it can be quite difficult to answer, we’ve even written a blog explaining why. You’ve probably noticed most studios don’t advertise prices…

Animated videos can vary in style, complexity and length, all of which can affect the time it takes for our team to create them – which is how we calculate our prices. We always recommend contacting us for a custom quote, or even for a free consultation if you aren’t quite sure what you want.

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What Type of Animation is Best for You?

Really though, much does and animated video cost? We won’t avoid the question any longer, we’ve put together a rough price guide for different types of video, based on 1 minute of animation. These are only estimates, and can be adapted to suit you, so for a personalised quote of animated video costs Get in Touch. Pre-built packages start from just £249

Prices Starting from:

£3000/Minute of video

Bespoke Platinum

Our platinum level of animation is perfect for e-learning content and high end promtional videos. With emotive characters  and dynamic motion graphics, information dense and complex topics can be explained in a way that is sure to keep your audience engaged!

  • Hands on storyboarding session with amendments
  • Script writing with amendments
  • Complete Design Bible for art style and characters
  • Multiple  fully animated characters
  • Custom drawn and detailed sets
  • Professionally recorded voicecover
  • Final video rendered in 4K
  • Multiple edits if required

Prices Starting from:

£1800/Minute of video

Bespoke Gold

Our Gold level animated videos are perfect for promotional and explainer videos.  A dynamic mix of character animation and motion graphics makes them engaging and easy to follow!

  • Storyboard with amendments
  • Optional Script and Voiceover
  • Bespoke art style – and character designs
  • Simple custom drawn sets
  • Up to 2 animated characters
  • Rendered in Full HD

Prices Starting from:

£800/Minute of video

Bespoke Silver

Our Silver level animated videos are perfect for social media content and explaining simple concepts in a concise and engaging way! 

  • Storyboarding with amendments
  • Optional script and voice over
  • Bespoke art style 
  • Dynamically animated graphics and text
  • Rendered in Full HD

Looking for an Animated series?

Whether it’s an eLearning series or a collection of explainers for your various services, the great news is that it can be very cost effective to get multiple animated videos made at once! Why is this? Well, it allows us to efficiently plan out and combine the pre-production stages and share assets across multiple videos. The end result is that the price per video is a lot lower! The total cost will still of course be dependent the type of animation you choose, and how different the videos are from each other. If you want to know more about commissioning an animated series.

Off the shelf Animation PRICES

If you’re after something more straightforward and off-the-shelf, we’ve put together some pre-built packages for animated videos. If you’re interested in ordering one of these get in touch!



Character Package

This package makes use of our in house character, Rigby in a 45 second explainer video -perfect for a customer or service focus!

  • Storyboard with 1 amendment stage
  • Up to three animated characters
  • Colour and hair customisation of Rigby
  • Dynamic Text and motion Graphics



Motion Graphic Package

This package gets you a 30 second animated video, perfect for explaining what you do in a dynamic way.

  • Storyboard, with 1 amendment stage
  • 4 Animated graphics with dynamic text
  • Matched to your branding
  • Choice of royalty free music



Social Media Package

This package gets you 3x 5 second looping animations to use on social media or your website. They are great for making a message stand out!

  • Dynamic text 
  • Animated graphic
  • Matched to your branding