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Animation for eLearning and Training

Silver Lining Animation specialises in producing bespoke animated content for training and eLearning . Visual learning is shrouded in myth and misconception, but remains a powerful teaching tool! Animation is able to appeal to visual, verbal and even kinetic learners through a unique combination of storytelling and technical explanation. 

Regardless of subject or technical difficulty our team of writers and designers ensure that the subject is engaging and accessible to the target audience. By combining engaging character animation and abstract visuals, information can be conveyed concisely and accurately. Whether it’s a single video, or a full course of animated videos, get in touch to see how animation can bring your content to life!

Check out our Portfolio of animated videos to see how we have helped public, private and charity sector  organisations share their content. All of our content can be made SCORM compliant, to integrate seamlessly with an existing learning management system (LMS).

Silver Learning Animation

We’re so passionate about combining education and animation that we created Silver Learning, an independent and free to watch channel of educational animated videos. In this series, character animation and storytelling are used to explain various topics that our team has found interesting enough to want to share. Unlike the rest of our content, the Silver Learning animations are not commissioned pieces, but rather passion projects gone too far. If you like this work the best way to help us at the moment is to share our videos with your friends, family, neighbours and strangers!

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