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Importance of Digital Marketing

Over the last few weeks, we have seen a massive shift in the social and economic landscape. This has led to new innovative ways to use social media, from musicians all over the world performing online concerts to TikTok no longer being used solely by 16-year-olds.

Digital marketing has become more important than ever. DataReportal analysis indicates social media usage for April 2020 has increased by more than 8% when compared to April 2019, so it reached a staggering 3.81 billion today. This trend is showing no signs of slowing down, especially in countries with stricter lockdown regulations.

This can be seen as a double-edged sword. While your audience is potentially bigger than ever, there are also more companies relying on digital marketing strategies. So how are you expected to be seen amongst the crowd? Media Dynamics found that people are exposed to over 350 ads a day, but only 12 of those leave a lasting impression, so it’s worth noting that quality definitely trumps quantity. Rushing content and spamming posts can often be a detriment to your efforts, so take the time to lay out a plan. There is a big difference between screaming for attention and being eye-catching.

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Even for more seasoned online users, this can be a daunting time. Pivoting your marketing can be worrying, especially if you have found success in more traditional marketing avenues in the past. Sadly, with government lockdowns in effect and social distancing measures likely to continue, some marketing avenues have become off-limits or are just very ineffective. It’s not all bad news though; you don’t have to scrap all that planning work you have done—almost every traditional marketing tool will have an online alternative.

If you don’t already have a strong online presence, spend time getting to know your market and audience. Find out what platforms they are using and focus on them. For example, if your demographic is over 50, Snapchat might not be the platform for you.

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Once set up, almost all social media platforms come with a range of useful analytic tools to help you optimise your content. For example, determining when your potential customers are online in order to maximise the longevity of your post.For a more detailed summary, check out our Ask an Expert blog where we discuss how to get started.

Printed content, whether originally designed for a poster at a bus stop or a leaflet to go through a letterbox, can still be posted digitally. With an engaging caption and well-chosen tags, you will find you can still reach the people you want to, with the added benefits of key insights to help you refine future content with analytics. You can also set up a newsletter to share offers and news; involve your customers and find out what content they want to see from you, and get them to sign up!

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More complex information that you would normally share through trade shows, network seminars, or one-to-one presentations can still be shared digitally. You can stream your content using video conferencing software or send out filmed or animated content to individuals. These can also be shared online to reach even more people.

Paid advertising can also be effective. Find out what websites your target market is using to pay for banner ads or promoted content. Animated content can perform better here as it is more eye-catching.

Playing to the strengths of digital marketing will allow you to engage with your customers and get quick and measurable feedback on your content. Spend less time looking at what your competitors are doing and focus on what your customers are wanting. Keep those lines of communication open and stay authentic to your brand. The final bit of advice we can give you is to keep experimenting. The digital landscape is constantly shifting, so keep your eye on trends and don’t be afraid to try new content.



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