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We’re moving out!

We're Moving Out!

After 3 years of hybrid working, we’ve decided to bid our animation studio space farewell and move to fully remote working. In the last few months of our Hybrid working policy, we’ve found the team is spending less and less time in the studio, so we made the decision to trial a fully remote studio!


 A happy animator is a good animator!

Our artists have told us they prefer to work remotely, as it allows them to create their ideal work environments! By empowering employees to choose where and when they work best, the studio has witnessed a surge in productivity and satisfaction. Afterall, nothing beats your own kitchen for lunch!

Animation is a Digital Product

While making animated videos is a very collaborative process, ultimately the final product is digital and can be delivered anywhere! Over the alst few years we’ve seen more and more of clients coming not just from outside of the North East, but even as far afield as Australia and Iceland. So while we maintain a Teesside presence for our local clients, a physical office is far less important than when we started out.  

Digital Collaboration Tools to Bridge the Gap

Through a combination of video conferencing, cloud-based file sharing, and project management platforms we’ve found that we can overcome any difficulties that arise from working remotely! The last few months of slowly decreasing office time has proven that physical proximity is not a prerequisite for creative synergy.

Digital Collaboration Tools to Bridge the Gap

Just because we’re animating from home, it doesn’t mean we’re being reclusive! We’ve provided hot desking options at Teesside University for those days when someone wants to get out of the house, and we’ll have regular face to face meetings to discuss projects and check-in with each other over a coffee!  We’ll also still be out and about at local events, so don’t think you’ve seen the last of us!

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